Alberto Luis Ayala

July 2, 1941 —

Beto has a corner table every Monday at El Maipu in Obelisco Tango.  Since his wife Teresa of 43 years passed on the end of 2015, he has lost weight and doesn’t dance very much.

I belatedly acknowledged his birthday when I passed by his table last night at El Maipu.  He doesn’t talk much or smile these days.  Hugo remarked that Beto hasn’t danced since Teresa passed on, and he wanted me to get Beto to dance for the Fresedo tanda.  I said, Hugo, that’s Tigre Viejo, Beto’s favorite tango by his favorite orchestra.  I absolutely wouldn’t ask him dance with me, even though we are friends.   I know that’s the orchestra he danced with Teresa.  It’s very emotional for him.

Later on when I passed by Beto’s table, I asked him, aren’t you dancing anymore?  He responded, shall we dance?  I explained that I wasn’t inviting him to dance, only that I wanted to know if he isn’t able to dance anymore.  It’s been a long time since we danced.  A milonguero needs to dance.  I got Beto to dance one tanda last night before he went home.




3 Responses to “Alberto Luis Ayala”

  1. krishansen4tango Says:

    I am glad you danced together!!

  2. jantango Says:

    Me, too! His embrace is wonderful.

  3. Janet Rieck Says:

    I danced with him a number of times and he is wonderful. You have to encourage him to dance more. He just needs a little prodding.

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