Remembering them

They loved tango and were married to the milonga.  I had the pleasure of dancing  with most of them.  I interviewed, photographed and filmed many of them.  I called many of them on their birthdays.  I visited some of them in the hospital, a geriatric, and at home.  I share a personal story about each one in this blog.

Luis Domingo Ferrari – Manuel Nicanor Garaban – Salvador Pedro Raiano – Eduardo Carlos Gavito – Rodolfo Cesar Indegno – Jose Guillermo Salurso – Alfredo Barcones – Luis Santillan – Juan Carlos Oviedo – Jorge Majluta – Miguel Aprile – Pedro Vujovich – Ricardo Vidort – Carlos Bugarin – Julio Ale – Luis Trapasso – Enrique Rosich – Luis Grondona – Eduardo Naldi – Raul Poli – Eduardo Calo – Rodolfo Brizuela – Ernesto Norberto Castello – Jose Alberto Scapafino – Roberto Alvarez – Roberto Angel Pujol – Ricardo Hector Suarez – Ricardo Eduardo Cacheiro – Carlos Alberto Rodriguez – Omar Benito Masci – Carlos Alberto Anzuate – Cliver Gomez Araujo – Pedro Alberto Rusconi – Salvador Angel Molinari – Walter Felix Baeza – Eduardo Aguirre – Ernesto Ramon Delgado – Hector Carlos Delgado – Roberto Rafael Carreras – Osvaldo Ruben Bottino – Gregorio Gricajuk – Nestor Gonzalez – Leonardo Lerman – Humberto Albiri – Guillermo Eduardo Mourinio – Ruben Harymbat – Sergio Tomas O’Connell – Jorge Gindzberg – Eduardo Santos – Juan Jose Alvarez – Enrique Barrientos – Jorge Mansur – Manuel Castro – Hugo Soto – Clemente Hector Aquino – Alberto Accunzi – Norberto Farro – Adolfo Adan Garcia – Henri Nasello – Marcelo Socolowski – Alberto Guerrero – Norberto Manuel Olivia de Villacres – Ismael Niella – Alberto Dassieu – Juan Carlos Pontorielo – Abel Peralta – Osvaldo Cartery.


5 Responses to “Remembering them”

  1. Kristine Hansen Says:

    Have all these folks passed away? That is quite a compilation! (a sobering one)

  2. jantango Says:

    Yes, they’re gone, but not forgotten.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Reading this list, and these descriptions over time, I feel like I’m watching all of civility, laser focused passion, and refined masculinity cascading over a spillway into the abyss to never return. Thank-you for holding up these men as individual templates of el varon and “guapo.” I hope and pray each and every one of these examples have singular, collective and substantive influence somehow on the generations behind them – both males, in the ways they conduct themselves throughout their lives on the dancefloor and off, and females in the ways they respond, choose and interact with them. Your kindness to these milongueros and their memory Jan is beyond significant- and I deeply appreciate it. Meanwhile, tango (the music itself), at least, will live forever…

  4. jantango Says:

    Thanks, Lorenzo.

    I have another list* of those who have health issues and are no longer attending the milongas. It’s a hard fact that the milongueros viejos are dying, and the milongas will never be the same without them. There is less respect for the codes today as there was ten years ago.

    *Osvaldo Centeno (passed 3/30/17), Jorge Uzunian (leg amputation for diabetes), Aurelio Filippini (geriatric), Domingo Crudo, Hugo Belvisi (passed Dec 2016), Antonio Busto (stroke & Parkinson’s), Mario Papasaba (hip replacement), Fernando Iturrieta (passed 3/16/17), Karlem Puy (diabetes), Julio Cesar Mercado (stroke), Nestor Leon (hip replacement), Arnaldo Koller, Juan Carlos Gimenez, and Roberto Bonavato.

    I saw Eduardo del Bueno last Sunday at Obelisco Tango after years of absence from dancing. He’s dealing with shortness of breath and tires after one dance.

  5. Tango Tails Says:

    You have a wonderful mission and ministry. I wish that I could have known them and agree with Lorenzo.

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