Inflation in the milongas 2017

Foreign visitors to Buenos Aires don’t feel the economic pinch as much as porteños do.  If you have U.S. dollars or Euros to spend, you get an excellent exchange rate — now at 15.76 to the dollar. Your biggest expense is air travel and lodging.  Once you arrive, your expenses for milongas, local travel, and food are less now than they were in 2001 when the peso was equal to the dollar.

Porteños face a different situation.  One visit to a milonga may cost 400+ pesos with the cost of taxis or parking, entradas, food, drinks, tips, etc.  Portenos are not going to dance as often as they used to.  Those who live on a government retirement have to manage their money to last until the end of the month.

This is a comparison of prices in 2001 versus 2017:

Bus ride: 80 centavos/cents (2001)  6.50 (that’s $0.41 in 2017)

Subway ride:  70 centavos/cents (less than the bus in 2001)  7.50 (2017)

Milonga entrada: 3-5 pesos/dollars (2001)  80-100 pesos ($6.35 in 2017)

Bottled water at a milonga: 2-3 pesos (2001) 40 pesos + tip (2017)

I read today that highway tolls and parking fees will increase 50% this month. That means your trip from and to the airport in a taxi or remis will cost more.

The peso and the dollar were equal until the end of 2001.  Today the official bank rate is almost 16 pesos Argentine.  There is really no increase in the milonga entrada for anyone with dollars to spend; you probably pay more than that to attend your local milongas.  When I paid 3-5 peso entradas in 2001, I was going to milongas almost every day of the week.   Today my routine is Wednesday and Sunday at Obelisco Tango where I spend 150AP each night with no transportation cost — I walk ten blocks.  I consider that the best tango bargain in the world because I get to dance with the milongueros viejos.


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