Milonga review: Canal Rojo Tango – Salon Canning


Salon Canning got a major facelift in October.  All milongas and classes had to be cancelled for about six weeks while the work took place.  The walls are painted gray, the washrooms were totally remodeled, and the wood floor was carefully removed and then replaced.  It’s better than ever.  I hadn’t been there to dance in a year and wanted to see it for myself.  Canal Rojo Tango is the Sunday milonga.

Floor:  In a word — superb.  It gets crowded, so one has to know how to dance in a small space and continually moving along.  This is where navigation skills get tested.

Sound system:  Speakers hang over the floor for optimal sound level. The salon is large with high ceilings.

Deejay:  Mario Orlando who works in the corner by the bar.  He knows what to play for this demanding audience.

Entrada: 100 pesos (and worth it); bottled water is 40 pesos.


Seating: The tables have two chairs facing the floor. Aisles between the tables allow  access to the dance floor.  Two occupy each table, and very few have three.  The central air-conditioning keeps the salon cold. Bring along a jacket if you get cold like I do.

Dancers:  There are many milongueros who have their reserved tables for years.

Waiters:  They are responsible for seating.  I went to sit next to a friend’s table, and those who had it reserved didn’t show up.  I was comfortable alone in the back row.


The walls have large works of art, one of which has Cleopatra wearing tango shoes.


Access to the washrooms is through a door near the bar.  The men’s room is the first door on the left (where the ladies’ room was) and the ladies’ room is further down the hallway on the left.  It is spacious, modern, clean, with large mirrors, good lighting, six stalls, and large waste baskets.  There are two chairs for changing shoes.  This part of the remodeling was long overdue.


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