Julio Alejo

December 19, 1934 —

Julio Alejo

Julio has driven a taxi in Lanus for over 50 years, and the newspaper Clarin did a story on him.  He’s danced tango for 63 years.  Since I changed my milonga home three months ago, I haven’t had the pleasure of dancing with him.


5 Responses to “Julio Alejo”

  1. Felicity Says:

    Did you ever hear the circumstances of how he learned to dance and how it was then for him? I never get tired of hearing those stories.

  2. jantango Says:

    No, but I assume he learned like all the boys in those days — going to the neighborhood club to practice with friends and then getting up the courage to ask a girl to dance. That’s how Julio met his wife, and she didn’t let him get away. They’ve been married 40+ years. He goes every Sunday to Lo de Celia. He told me that his family doesn’t know this. That’s why I don’t use his surname on the posts.

  3. Felicity Says:

    Oh! 🙂 Is going to the milongas still sometimes seen as disreputable?

  4. jantango Says:

    No. There are many dancers (men and women) who are married to the milonga. They find a way to get away for a few hours for their tango fix.

  5. Felicity Says:

    Oh, I see what you mean now.

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