A suit and tie isn’t out of date for the milonga


Warmer weather has finally arrived in Buenos Aires after a long winter.  I couldn’t help noticing that my friend Eduardo Ereson was the only man wearing a suit at Obelisco Tango.

Eduardo always makes a point of dressing well.  He lives in Berazategui, south of the capital in the province of Buenos Aires. On Wednesday, his travel time was two hours on the bus!

Eduardo proves how easy it is to dress well on a budget.  He buys at street fairs.  His suit, shirt, tie, and leather shoes cost a total of fifty-six pesos.  He would rather save his retirement income for a worthier cause — feeding the dogs and cats in his animal refuge.

We danced four or five tandas, and he never removed his jacket.


Carlos Biccai has a long train ride from Merlo to the city, but he arrived at Obelisco Tango impeccably dressed for the milonga.  I had my camera in hand to take this photo the moment he arrived.


2 Responses to “A suit and tie isn’t out of date for the milonga”

  1. Rosaria Burchielli Says:


  2. Felicity Says:

    It is nice to see this photo. I remember this man you introduced me to as very kind and warm-hearted with a lovely smile. And I remember he has a very good eye for clothes and a good bargain!

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