Technical difficulties resolved


I’d been having internet connection problems for months every time I tried to open a new window.  I finally arrived at the point that I was without internet at home on November 21.  Calls for technical service with the local phone company didn’t get results.  The only one I could turn to for help was my friend John Morton, who just happened to be in Buenos Aires.  He came over on November 25 to have a look.  The Ethernet connection didn’t work, nor did the disk drive.   A computer shop person said the cable was good, but the old router was the problem.  Believe it or not, I still haven’t gone from broadband to WIFI.


I brought my notebook over to John’s apartment so he could try everything out there.  He had to reinstall programs and got everything in working order after laboring many hours on the weekend.  I stopped by this afternoon when John showed me how things work with a new system.  I have to upload some programs I had before, and I’m so grateful to John for making my notebook work again.  I went to a public internet space several times last week.

I was without my notebook for two weeks.  It was nice to unwind and relax.  I have a backlog of emails and posts to write for the blog.   I’ll get to them.


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