Tuesday at Gricel Club de Tango


Last night was the opening of La Negrita Milonga Popular hosted by Alicia Bustos, a veteran milonga organizer.  It’s been four years since her last milonga.  Hector Chidichimo is the owner of Gricel Club de Tango.


Jorge Gonzalez provided excellent tandas for us.


Luis and Alicia



Soledad and Jose Maria


Oscar Hector Malagrino organizes the Friday night milonga in Gricel Club de Tango with Clely Rugnone.


Jose and Elena

I haven’t seen Elena in five years when she sat at the next table in LdC, so it was a pleasant surprise to see her at Alicia’s opening milonga.  After so many years, a milonga feels like a family reunion.


Roberto – Susana

Susana told me she came to the opening because she met her late husband at Alicia’s milonga in Regin some twenty years ago.  That’s how long I know Alicia.


I can’t believe I stayed until 1:30 in the morning and then walked home.


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