Sunday at Obelisco Tango


Lola and Dorita joined forces last year when the latter lost her milonga space in Club Oeste.  They are a great duo of hostesses on Sunday from 19-2 hs for Alo Lola & La Yumba de Dorita in Obelisco Tango on Entre Rios 1056.  I stayed later than usual until 11:30 when the late shift of dancers arrived.  The retired don’t need to rest for work in the morning!


I had another enjoyable night at my new milonga home, dancing with several milongueros I know from my old milonga home on the corner.  After 17 years in Buenos Aires, I doubt I could go to any milonga without seeing a familiar face.


2 Responses to “Sunday at Obelisco Tango”

  1. michael3657 Says:

    Fun, fun, fun! I’m glad you’re branching out!

  2. jantango Says:

    I am, too. I hid too long at the corner table. It’s been fun going to other places, seeing familiar faces elsewhere, and dancing with new partners.

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