Elba Pateiro

September 21, 1944 —


I called Elba on her birthday, and she invited me to celebrate on Saturday night at Club Gricel.


Nestor Leon, Elba, Perla, Nestor Jorge Castillo

Saturday night is couples night at many milongas, and that is the case in Club Gricel.  I arrived early during the class.  There was one man without a partner, so I offered to dance with him.  What a delight!  I asked him why he is taking classes and not dancing at the milongas.  He has taken classes for years.  When the milonga started, we danced the first tanda together.  After we danced, I encouraged him to attend evening milongas.  People from the class stayed for the milonga, but the man went home.


It was more of a social night than a dance night, but still I arrived home at 3:00am.


I resisted drinking champagne, but the chocolate cake was too tempting for this vegan.  If it’s on the table, I lose all my self-control.


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