A change in my milonga routine

Instead of the usual ten block walk from my apartment, I walk 9-1/2 blocks to Obelisco Tango.  I’ve attended milongas there on various days of the week over its three-year history, but never regularly.  I made an abrupt change in my milonga routine last Sunday where I received a warm welcome from Dorita and Lola.  I shared a table with Lily and enjoyed her company.  Pier Aldo provided excellent tandas.  Mario showed up later after dancing a few hours nearby and invited me for the Gobbi tanda.


I returned on Monday for El Maipu organized by Lucy Alberto and Dany Rodriguez.  I sent them an email that I would be there at 19 hs.  I joined Ilina at her table.  She radiates positive energy and smiles all the time.   Ilina and I have two things in common — dancing tango and resale shopping.


I hoped I’d see Ismael Heljalil, and he was there.  He said he was down with flu for six weeks and still had a cough that wouldn’t quit.  But there he was, dancing tanda after tanda.   Someone takes care of uploading photos to his Facebook.


I made a point of stopping at Beto Ayala’s table.  He is still working and attends El Maipu on Monday.  Several years ago I joined Beto and his wife Teresa every Saturday at a milonga.


I discovered this victrola on display, and I’ll bet the DJ is overjoyed with the technology available today for music.


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Aura Teotassonian arrive at El Maipu. I haven’t seen her in years and have wonderful memories of  parties at her home when she partnered Lolo.  She loves Canaro because that was Lolo’s favorite orchestra. I managed to get a shot of camera-shy Aura before she went home.  Whenever I pass an Arredo store in the city, it reminds me of Aura because it’s her family business.  She’s such a lovely person, and it made me so happy to see her again.


This interesting piece of artwork hangs over the bar, and the walls display many others at Obelisco Tango.


I enjoyed another night of great music and dancing in my new milonga home.


4 Responses to “A change in my milonga routine”

  1. Felicity Says:

    What a nice post. Please say hi to Ilina. I loved meeting her.

  2. Mario Rinald Says:

    nice local color

  3. douglasjrhodes Says:

    I found out about your blog with TangoAngeles & Ronaldo. Happy to hear that you found a new home. I enjoy reading your posts as Argentine Tango is flowing 24hrs a day in my blood – one day, I hope to be worthy of a tanda with you at your new home milonga. “Tangotails”/Douglas.

  4. jantango Says:

    I look forward to meeting you on the dance floor. My schedule is Sunday and Wednesday at Obelisco, Thursday at El Arranque.

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