II Tango Congress – Academia Nacional del Tango


The second annual free conference was held at the Palacio Carlos Gardel on Avenida de Mayo in the tango museum.


Gabriel Soria is president of the Academia Nacional del Tango.


The display cases house memorabilia from various contributors of tango.


The shoes of Carlos Gavito’s are on display with other items he donated to the museum.


The tango world has many collectors who contributed to the Museum.


The walls are covered with photos of tango greats.



I heard talks on the origin of social tango, tango lyrics before Contursi, and the dance before the 1930s.  Carlos Puente, a record collector, spoke about the music of the 1940s and provided recordings for our listening pleasure.  Carlos could talk for hours about his passion, but speakers were given 20 minutes.  A well-known stage performer from Tango Argentina spoke about the era from 1935-1983.  He has no first-hand knowledge of the milongas.  In fact, I saw only three familiar faces from the milongas.  When the microphone was open for questions, a man from the milongas couldn’t remain silent and to share his sentiments about tango as a social dance.  He had heard enough from the academician.  As was the case last year, only the famous stage professionals speak at the congress about their careers on stage, with no mention about social dancing in the milongas of today.


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