Buenos Aires is a great city for retirement


I walked past this corner many times wondering why they installed this barrier.  I had no idea that its purpose was part of the public transportation system of bicycles.

When the bike share system began, you had to have residency with a DNI.  I was eager to get citizenship and my DNI so I could use the bicycles.  Before I did, the city made the system available to tourists.  I registered yesterday with my VOS card to use a bicycle on the large network of routes in the city.


This bicycle station is only two blocks from my door.  I don’t need to store a bicycle or carry it up the stairs.  All I need is a helmet and gloves.  Retirement is great in this people-friendly city.



3 Responses to “Buenos Aires is a great city for retirement”

  1. michael3657 Says:

    Looks great! I can’t wait to try it. One question–what does one do in the event of a flat tire?

  2. jantango Says:

    The bikes may be equipped with tubeless tires so they are maintenance free.

  3. Tango Tails Says:

    Sounds wonderful. Next time that I visit as a tourist, I would love to take advantage of this. Thanks for posting!

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