Sneakers allowed


This sign prohibiting the use of sneakers for dancing in Lo de Celia is gone from the wall.  It’s one of many changes this month.

I sat in the front row on the other side of the room so I was close to three milongueros with whom I wanted to dance.  I had a better view of the floor, too.  There were lots of pretty shoes on display, and I was sorry I forgot to bring my camera.  Women dress elegantly at Lo de Celia, even on Wednesday.

Today was the first time I saw some strange shoes worn by men.  One foreign visitor wore silver sneakers.  Another young dancer wore dirty sneakers.  It ruins the milonga for me.  All the men and women are well dressed as usual, and then a newcomer who thinks he’s at a gymnasium shows up.

Call me old-fashioned, but the dress code at Lo de Celia was elegant sport for 16 years.  That sign on the stairway is gone, too.  There isn’t even one photo of Celia on the wall anymore.  It’s still called Lo de Celia Tango Club, but for how long?



5 Responses to “Sneakers allowed”

  1. Janet Rieck Says:

    Sounds like a “takeover” of these owners is in the future by people who loved Celia and want the milonga to represent her vision more.

  2. michael3657 Says:

    Has there been any dialogue between the new owners and the patrons? Might it be fruitful to form a “patron’s advisory board” that would allow the new owners to keep themselves informed of the patrons’ needs….?

  3. jantango Says:

    There has been a dialogue between the employees and the owners, but their advice has fallen on deaf ears. The owners know nothing about running a milonga other than what they observed for three months. That’s why they think it’s okay to dance with patrons.

    Climate change is obvious in our milonga. The temperature is cold from management, however, the atmosphere on the dance floor is still comfortably warm. Dark clouds loom over the employees who are not happy with the changes. It’s only a matter of time until our family can’t stand the cold and seeks a warmer climate.

  4. Claudia Sanese Says:

    I absolutely agree

  5. Claudia Sanese Says:

    Celia is still dying

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