We are family

I was dancing the tropical tanda yesterday with Carmelo.  It’s the one break from tango on Wednesday at Lo de Celia.  We were doing merengue when, suddenly, a man behind me stepped backward and landed on my right foot.  I yelped and cringed with pain.  The man apologized.  Carmelo helped me hobble to my table.

I wanted to put ice on my foot immediately.  Dany Borelli, our DJ, went into the kitchen for ice.  Johnny, the waiter, emptied a package of napkins so he could use the plastic bag for an ice pack.  I kept it on my foot for ten minutes.

Carmelo came over to see how I was doing, and so did the man who injured me.  My foot was fine with only a small area of torn skin.

So many passed by my table to ask how I was after the incident.  I hadn’t realized until later that my yelping was heard above the music, and everyone must have noticed me leaving the floor.

I don’t know much more than the names of some dancers, if that, but the concern expressed by so many is why we are like family at Lo de Celia.



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