200 Years of Independence

This July 9th wasn’t just another Independence Day for Argentina, it was the 200th anniversary of independence from Spain.  Many events took place around the city, and I chose to attend the international parade of military bands in Palermo at the Polo Grounds since I’m a big fan of marching bands.


The military band of Bolivia started off the parade at 11:00 a.m.



These young women in the Argentine Coast Guard stayed in step.


I had to ask if their rifles had ammunition.



This was the walk back after marching miles down Av. del Libertador.


There were hundreds of young cadets from the many branches of  service participating in the parade.



I had to get a close-up of the camouflage makeup on this soldier who reminded me of The Hulk.


You can tell from their uniforms and boots that they rode horses.


This helmet was impressive with a horse hair tail.


Check out the fancy riding boots.


The federal police women wanted a photo with this handsome guy in uniform.


You don’t have a military parade without horses.


This is when I thought about the incredible organization for the parade — military marching bands, service men and women, and then all the horses!


Each branch has a different breed of horses.


The parade lasted three and a half hours, ending with the combat veterans from the Las Malvinas war.  I didn’t take any photos of them because my hands were busy applauding the veterans.

People entered the Polo Grounds to watch the military bands perform on the field — Uruguay, Brasil, Perú, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, France, Spain, Italy, United States Navy Band, and Marrakesh, Morocco.  Argentina had several bands in the parade.

After the parade, I went home to watch the military bands for two hours on public television.  It was an amazing six-hour event, and thousands went to watch it.  Everyone had a flag in hand.  Viva la patria!




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