Maria Celia Blanco

May 17, 1950 – May 9, 2016

Celia Blanco celebrating her birthday on Saturday night.

I feel a bit numb after receiving a phone call with the news of her passing.  I’m trying to imagine Lo de Celia Tango Club without Celia Blanco.

This is how I’ll remember her.  Her spirit will live on in the place she created and where so many have enjoyed tango.

Franco was hoping to dance Chacarera with Celia one Sunday evening, and Celia couldn’t refuse his invitation.  I recorded what is probably the last time she danced.

Here’s a video of Celia dancing in her milonga.


7 Responses to “Maria Celia Blanco”

  1. Janet Rieck Says:

    Heart breaking news. A great lady.

  2. embrujamiento Says:

    So sad, so all of a sudden…. do you think the milonga will continue without her? Or was she too vital for the organization?

  3. Suzanne Doyle. Says:

    Janice, This is shocking and very sad. Michael and I are so sorry to hear this news. May she rest in peace.

  4. jantango Says:

    Lo de Celia Tango Club is an institution in the Buenos Aires milonga scene for almost 16 years. It must and will continue operating as usual.

  5. Felicity Says:

    What sad news.

  6. Janet Rieck Says:

    I feel numb hearing this news. She was so kind and sweet to me and we both had a respect for one another…without any words ever spoken. I knew she was sick for some time, even when I was there, so it was not unexpected. The greatest tribute to her would be to keep the milonga going. I sure hope that happens.

  7. embrujamiento Says:

    Because you are not on Facebook, I wanted to inform you about a post by Erwin last night: he said that “for several reasons, Lo de Celia won’t open its doors to continue with its activities, unlike Celia’s wish” and “wait for news about Lo de Celia and the tribute we’ll bring her/it”.
    I’ll leave the interpretation to you, just wanted to share this.

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