Ernesto Hector Garcia

May 8, 1936 —


I was on my way home from Lo de Celia on a Wednesday.  I saw Dany at the entrance of Obelisco Tango, so I stopped to chat. He said he’s living most of the year in Dubai where he has lots of work and that he doesn’t want to live anymore in Buenos Aires which was a big surprise.

Dany asked me where I go to dance.  I told him that I go only to Lo de Celia on Wednesday and Sunday.  He said, I’d like to dance with you, so I’ll see you there soon.  That only confirmed that he didn’t recognize me.  Dany doesn’t go to Celia’s.

I’ve danced only twice with Dany, once in Club Gricel in 2000, and at a private party in 2001.  Milonga is his dance, not tango. This recent video proves it.



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