The Cachirulo story

I found this video today which tells the story of how Hector and Norma began their milonga Cachirulo in Lo de Celia Tango Club.  They moved many times — first to Centro Region Leonesa, then Plaza Bohemia at Maipu 444, then Club Villa Malcolm in Villa Crespo, and finally Obelisco Tango for the last three years.


2 Responses to “The Cachirulo story”

  1. Michael Krugman Says:

    Thanks for posting this, Jan! I’d seen it before, but it was worth another look. Fun seeing all those beautiful people and hearing the story again.

  2. jantango Says:

    I didn’t know who was responsible for the video until the ending credits. Gustavo and Maria have made several videos about tango, but this was the first dedicated to one milonga. It’s a marketing piece at the same time it tells the story of Cachirulo.

    Every dancer finds a milonga where they feel at home. It’s obvious from my writing that I’m at home in Lo de Celia, located a half block from Obelisco Tango.

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