Celia Blanco

Celia Blanco, owner of Lo de Celia Tango Club

Celia travelled around California in September, and Ronaldo of Tango Angeles got her for an interview.  The program was broadcast December 16 in English.  I guarantee that you will know Celia better as I did after listening to her on the radio. She keeps a low profile.  No one else in Buenos Aires has a milonga home open four nights a week.

I recorded this interview with Celia on Cumbre de Tango in June 2013.


3 Responses to “Celia Blanco”

  1. 2tango99 Says:

    Celia and her staff are appreciated around the world.

  2. Xwevla Says:

    Hmmm so delicious . . . wonderful interview! Thank you Jantango!

  3. Janet Rieck Says:

    A great lady in every sense of the word, We can’t wait to go back and visit her milonga and dance tango, My favorite place,

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