Milonga review: Nuevo Chique


This is an afternoon favorite of newcomers who enjoy the friendly atmosphere on Tuesday and Thursday from 16 hs.  The milonga is held in the first floor in Salòn Iberia of Casa de Galicia, San Jose 224 in Montserrat.  The attendance was light yesterday, probably due to the traffic congestion and crowds at Plaza Congreso and Plaza de Mayo for the presidential inauguration day.

Floor:  It is wooden with a few rough edges after many decades of wear, but easy on the legs.

Sound system:  There are two speakers at one end of the rectangular floor providing enough sound to the entire salon.

Deejay:  The best in Buenos Aires — Daniel Borelli.  His homenaje to Alberto Podesta included recordings by Carlos Di Sarli, Pedro Laurenz, Miguel Calo, and Francini-Pontier.


Entrada: 60 pesos  Bottled water: 26 pesos

Seating:  They designated the left side of the dance floor for women and the right side for men.  Couples sit at the far end of the salon.



Dancers:  Locals range in age from 60-80 years.

Waitress:  Vicki is there to serve everyone.

There is a good air-conditioning system for comfort during the summer months.


Marcela, the organizer who speaks English,  welcomes you at the door.



They celebrated six years on December 15, with alfajores for all and


a performance by Juan Carlos Godoy and Jorge Dragone.



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