Take a seat

Each milonga has its own style, and dancers go where they are comfortable.  Comfort requirements are different for each dancer.

Comfort for me is good seating with a view of the room.  Chairs in some milongas leave a lot to be desired.  Organizers don’t rent a place and then tell the owner to buy new chairs; they use those that are provided.  That is the case with many venues.  Here are examples of chairs provided in the milongas.


The old carpeting has been replaced in Gricel, but these chairs have not.


Two more uncomfortable seating options in Club Gricel


You are lucky if you get this chair at Gricel, because there are only two of them


Some very old wooden chairs in Salon Leonesa


Another wooden chair with rounded back in Salon Leonesa


One of the newer chairs with cushioned seat in Salon Leonesa


All the chairs in Salon Canning are this type with a slanted back


Comfortable chairs with padded seat and back in La Nacional


Chairs of Plaza Bohemia Tango that tip over with the slightest weight on the back


A few chairs in Lo de Celia are this kind and not made for comfort.


This is my chair in Lo de Celia Tango Club at the corner table by the bar. Note the padded back and seat with pedestal legs. Celia bought the most comfortable chairs of any milonga in Buenos Aires when she opened in 2000. 



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