Milonga review: Derecho Viejo


The organizers are Juan Lencina and Daniel Rezk (above) who also run La Cachilla on Thursday in Club Gricel.  I went last night with a girlfriend who goes back to the USA in ten days.

Floor:  A suspended rectangular pine floor of 110 m2 that is painstakingly maintained and easy on the legs.  There is good lighting to catch an invitation from any corner of the room.

Sound system:  Two large speakers hang over both ends of the rectangular floor.  The music and sound were excellent.  I don’t know the deejay, but he played great tunes for the cortinas.

Entrada:  70 pesos (bottled water 26 pesos)

Seating:  Capacity is 320, arranged more like a club de barrio than a city milonga where all seats face the floor.  Tables have groups of four or six persons with mixed seating.  This makes it easy for novices in the art of cabeceo.  Several women from France shared our table.

Reservations: I called Daniel (4903-3551).  He speaks English and is always cordial.  My girlfriend Jean arrived at Gricel a few minutes before I did, and Daniel took her to our reserved table.   I found her changing her shoes in the ladies’ room.

Waitress:  She came to take our order as soon as we sat down and gave us warm welcome, just like Daniel.

Ladies room: Located in the rear of the salon, the attendant kept things clean and tidy.   There is a long bench and large mirror provided.

Here is a video from last night.

My first tanda of the night was with Nicolas, a folk dancer I’ve seen for many  years in the milongas, but with whom I had never danced.  All I can say is wow!  If that was my only tanda of the night, it was enough to go home happy.  I knew we would not dance again when his partner arrived.



One Response to “Milonga review: Derecho Viejo”

  1. R. Bononno Says:

    Noticed in the video that floor craft is nicely observed. Would that it were so everywhere.

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