Clemente Héctor Aquino

April 10, 1945 — November 17, 2015

Tito Aquino

I had the pleasure of dancing over the last five years with Tito in Lo de Celia.  The last time we danced was on September 20.  I shall miss him, his smile, and his embrace.   We all shall miss him in Lo de Celia.

Carlos Fanel, Tito Aquino and Jantango in the studio of Mundo Sur FM

Tito Aquino





2 Responses to “Clemente Héctor Aquino”

  1. Michael Doyle Says:

    Such a loss. Such a nice man.

  2. jantango Says:

    Tito was loved by all in Lo de Celia. He is missed. For years we danced the Di Sarli tandas, so that music will remind me of Tito’s embrace and smile.

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