Nestor Leon


October 25, 1934 —

Nestor Leon

I stopped by for visit at the home of Elba and Chiche after shopping at the organic market in their neighborhood.  He’s not dancing often because of a hip pain and needs to lose weight around the middle with exercise.   I gave him a pep talk and showed him some easy movements he can do in a chair.  This is a common among so many milongueros I know who carry around extra weight and have health problems as a result.  Diet and exercise are not part of their agenda.  This is why several milongueros viejos are no longer dancing.  They love tango, but their diet is terrible.  You can tell from the photo that Chiche could stand to lose several pounds.


They go regularly to Club Gricel on Saturday night, so that’s where friends gathered last night for Chiche’s birthday celebration.


Chiche is scheduled for hip surgery in a month.  He danced more than usual last night with Elba, and the champagne probably helped ease the pain.







I don’t stay out until 3:00 a.m. very often and had a good time last night at Club Gricel with Elba and Chiche.




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