Ismael Heljalil

August 30, 1929 —

Graciela Pescetto y Ismael Heljalil en Lo de Celia 10 Sept 2014

I danced with Ismael when he was 70, and his tango is just as wonderful at 86.


I kept an eye out when he danced with some of his regular partners so I could take a photo of him with each one.


Ismael Heljalil y Delia en Lo de Celia 10-29-2014

Ismael told me that my photos of him are proudly displayed in his home.


A smile comes easily to his face, except when I take a photo.



One Response to “Ismael Heljalil”

  1. Homi Bavaadam Says:

    Hi Jan, What nice photos. I wonder how they do it for so long with no back or foot problems. Probably by being very choosy as to whom they dance with. I am heading to Rome in a couple months to dance. I hear good things.

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