Milonga review: El Abrazo Tango Club

DSCN7338 - the milonga in Confiteria Ideal

Confiteria Ideal, open since 1912, was one of the venues I attended during my first trip to Buenos Aires in March 1996.  Our tour group went to the class/practica by Zoraida Fontclara and Diego Alvaro, followed by a milonga.

Currently, the milongas are held on the main floor while the first floor is undergoing renovation.  It’s probably more convenient for the seniors to use the main floor and not have to walk the stairs to the first floor.  Both floors are the same size.

El Abrazo Tango Club is held on Friday from 15-21 hs. at Suipacha 384 near Avenida Corrientes in the heart of the theater and business district of the city.  I attended on July 24 for my friend Jean’s birthday celebration.

Floor: seamless, polished stone


Sound system: Excellent.

Deejay:  Mario Orlando, a veteran deejay in the tango scene.

DSCN7339 - Mario Orlando who provides great music for dancing

Entrada: 50 pesos

Seating:  Men and women’s tables alternate throughout the large salon, facilitating cabeceo use.  The bent wood chairs are originals.

Dancers: It’s mainly a retired senior crowd who enjoy an afternoon of socializing and tango.

There is no air-conditioning or ceiling fans unless they are an addition during the renovation.  Check first before attending on a hot, summer afternoon.

A champagne toast to Jean for her birthday celebration with friends.

DSCN7333 - champagne toast to Jean in Confiteria Ideal

Sept 2016: Confiteria Ideal is closed for major renovation.  El Abrazo Tango Club is held in El Beso on Riobamba and Corrientes.  Consult for details.


2 Responses to “Milonga review: El Abrazo Tango Club”

  1. tangobob Says:

    Good article Jan, but perhaps you should mention the entrada. I was ripped off last time. As it was my first milonga back in Buenos Aires I did not know the price. When I questioned them later they were completely without shame. It has put me off going back. Such a shame as I so enjoyed it there.

  2. jantango Says:

    Bob, I recall the situation you shared when you were overcharged at the milonga. You did not question it when you thought that 80 pesos was out of line. It pays to call ahead, make a reservation, and ask how much is the entrada.

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