Hold me in your arms


I’ve posted many photos to show the variety of embraces.  Most men use the standard hold like the couple on the left.  I can’t come up with any good reason for the one by the couple in the center other than just to be different and stand out.  It’s certainly unique in the milongas, but his protruding elbow is hazardous to others.  He changes the embrace depending on the music.


8 Responses to “Hold me in your arms”

  1. R. Bononno Says:

    I’ve seen men use that “lamppost” hold, where they hold their left arm aloft, but not quite as extreme as this fellow, who also tilts his hand downward (how is that comfortable for the woman?). The embrace of the couple on the left is more common, although that’s not my own preference (prefer the woman’s head turned to the left).

  2. David Owen (Australia) Says:

    If both are enjoying the moment and are not spoiling others, I don’t think it matters what embrace they take. Both looking in one direction is common for the V style. For close embrace, depending on relative heights, I prefer the follower’s head turned to the left, but even with the best technique, if the follower transmits indifference, all I wish is for the tanda to end.

  3. Janet Rieck Says:

    That particular couple is considered one of the best tango couples in Buenos Aries at the moment. Embraces change not because of the music but because of what is going on around you. Also, you can photo anyone in a bad angle.

  4. jantango Says:

    Best tango couples? I’ve never heard a word about them from anyone.

  5. michael Says:

    That looks like Gavito’s embrace. I think it’s called the crane.

  6. Felicity Says:

    That looks like it’s uncomfortable. Perhaps one of them has an injury & has to dance that way…

  7. jantango Says:

    Here is a video of them dancing with the high handhold with protruding elbow.

  8. Felicity Says:

    Goodness. I guess it must be a radical form of protection but I’d be surprised to hear that Lo de Celia was that dangerous. Dancing the other role it would keep me well away from that elbow and certainly not in front, behind or to the side of him! There does seem to be rather a lot of space around them, comparatively…

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