Milonga closures

The first one that I heard about was El Arranque held in Nuevo Salon La Argentina on Bartolome Mitre and Callao.  Then several other milongas closed after city inspectors found irregularities.  Everyone remembers the tragedy of Cromanon in 2004.  City inspectors are just doing their job keeping dance halls safe for all.  Fire extinguishers with expired dates don’t function in case of an emergency.

Tango dancers have another view and went to protest in the street on July 3.

“Inspectors have eight objectives each night and know what to do. On the other hand, in a world of 450,000 establishments in the city –– from clubs to bars, — legal milongas do not exceed 80 and are not problematic,” said the Directorate General of Inspection and Control. “That does not mean they should not meet basic conditions of safety and hygiene.”


I walked by Nuevo Salon La Argentina on Wednesday afternoon where there is ongoing work in progress to improve the conditions of the salon to meet standards.  A few weeks ago I saw an El Arranque waiter painting walls in the salon.  The milonga organizer has no say about how the building owner maintains it.  In the meantime, El Arranque dancers  go Thursday and Saturday afternoons to Lo de Celia Tango Club.


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