Anyone can dance


I met Rick and Lily only a week ago when we met for tea and a chat at Café de los Angelitos.  He asked, so where can we see tango dancing?  I recommended Lo de Celia on Wednesday.  Rick was born in Argentina, but the USA is his home for many years.  They never dance together.  The reason given was that he doesn’t have any rhythm, which I didn’t accept.  Rick watched the dancing for more than an hour.  I went to their table and mentioned that the orquesta was Carlos Di Sarli, my favorite.  Then Rick stood and invited Lily to dance to Di Sarli.  I watched with delight as they danced together in the embrace.  I was so moved, I cried.  They danced only one tango together, and it was their first.  Rick was smiling the entire time.


Later they danced a complete tanda.  I saw what I never expected that night, yet I know that it is possible for anyone to dance.  Rhythm is natural.  When we connect with the music, our dance comes out of us.   Rick and Lily proved it can be done.  And I was there to see it happen!


One Response to “Anyone can dance”

  1. Martha Says:

    That’s really nice, one can see the happy faces of Rick and Lily, I have a feeling that they will keep on dancing tango from now on.

    Best regards Janis, hope you are doing great!

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