Buenos Aires is a great city for retirement


I shopped for clothes and shoes at resale and consignment shops for many years in the United States, so I was glad to learn that Buenos Aires had its version called ferias americanas, which began about fifty years ago.  American executive families came to live here for a few years and then sold the contents of their homes on a weekend with an organizer before returning to the states.   I started checking the classified ads for these weekend sales to furnish my apartment.


The ferias americanas are growing in number around the city.  The used clothing business is larger than ever with more foreign residents who clean out their closets regularly for donation or resale.


I buy practically new imported clothing and shoes at excellent prices in these shops.


It’s common for me to spend a half hour chatting with the owners after browsing the racks.


It’s worth stopping to take a look inside when you see FERIA AMERICANA on the front.  The ferias americanas are just another reason I am so happy living in the great city of Buenos Aires.



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