Milonga shuffle


One thing about the milongas of Buenos Aires that remains constant  — change.  I went to investigate the club where the milonga Porteno y Bailarin was held for more than ten years and found it open with bachata classes.


Rumor has it that the club raised the rent and the milonga organizer decided to move his established milonga to Casa de Galicia and start over on different nights.


Even though hoy-milonga guide lists El Arranque on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I found Nuevo Salon La Argentina on Bme Mitre is still closed for business.  It’s probably the result of a city inspection (administrative order).  In the meantime, the regulars are going elsewhere to dance.

Update 6/11:  I had an appointment yesterday afternoon next door to the salon.  There was a car parked right at the entrance, not on the street.  I looked inside and saw a man painting the baseboard in the salon.  He noticed me looking inside and then came to speak with me.  I asked him if the salon was going to reopen, and he said in about a week.  A city inspector ordered a closure.  The owners have to complete whatever was required for another inspection. Then the salon will be back in business.



One Response to “Milonga shuffle”

  1. tangobob Says:

    Porteño closed in March, I never thought it was a great venue anyway. I am saddened to hear about Nuevo Salon La Argentina though, I hope it is open again soon, it is on my recommended list.

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