Buenos Aires is a great city for retirement

During my first years in Buenos Aires, I didn’t know anything about health plans or finding a doctor since they aren’t listed in the yellow pages.  During a visit to Chicago in 1999, I scheduled an appointment with my dentist.  I knew it was my last one.  I needed to find doctors in Buenos Aires.

In 1999, I shared a table with Rosy in Club Gricel every Friday night, and we conversed in English.  When it was time for a visit with a gynecologist, I asked Rosy for a recommendation.  Dra. Rossi was the first doctor I met in Buenos Aires, and she spoke enough English to make things easier for me.  I like Dra. Rossi so much that I’ve recommended her to many expats living in Buenos Aires.  They feel the same as I do.

In May 2002, I had out-patient surgery which was very inexpensive here with the devalued peso.  My boyfriend took me the next day to sign up with his prepaid health plan company.  The plan covered everything, and I continued with it for 12 years.  I cancelled it a year ago because I paid $200 per month (a good chunk of my social security benefits), although very reasonable compared with plans in the USA.

Medical care is free in the City of Buenos Aires to anyone who needs it.  There are many public hospitals that serve those who can’t afford to pay for health plans or don’t have them through employment.


A few weeks ago I discovered on the internet that the City of Buenos Aires offers a free plan to anyone living in the city.  The only requirements are residency (with DNI) in the city and no coverage with another plan — I qualified.  I decided to visit a nearby office and sign up.  They assigned a doctor, gynecologist and dentist within a few blocks of my apartment.  Affiliation in the program with a neighborhood hospital took about ten minutes to complete.


I am happy being retired in Buenos Aires where I get free doctor and dentist appointments, tests and prescriptions.



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