Soy Argentina!


I was returning to my apartment building just as the mailman was at the door, waiting for me to answer the doorbell.  He had the mail I’ve expected for two weeks — my Argentine passport.  I went inside for the document required to complete the delivery.  This is probably the first time someone asked to take his photo while delivering the mail, but he understood how excited I was to have my passport.


I feel more officially Argentine.



2 Responses to “Soy Argentina!”

  1. tangomonkey Says:

    I’m glad for you, Janis. No more travelling out of Argentina to renew visitor visas! At long last.

  2. jantango Says:

    Argentina has always been a country of immigrants, especially in Buenos Aires. People from all parts of the world want to live in the city. Information is finally available from the internet on residency. This “third world country” has first world technology, finally.

    The only thing I’m missing as a new Argentine citizen is voting today in the city’s primary election for mayor. I thought my name would be automatically put on the voter roll since voting is an obligation of all citizens. I learned that is not the case. Naturalized citizens must register 180 days before an election. I missed that deadline. It took time to get information on where to register to vote as a new naturalized citizen. When I found out where, the registration was closed. That means I will not be voting in the four elections held this year: the city primary on April 26, the city general election on July 5, the national primary on August 9, and the national election for president on October 25. Foreigners with permanent residency living in the capital federal are eligible to vote in the city elections if they registered 180 days before the election. Many don’t know that the right to vote is extended to permanent residents of Buenos Aires because the city government is autonomous from the rest of Argentina.

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