Buenos Aires is a great city for retirement

After five visits over three years, I knew that I wanted to live in Buenos Aires.  I fell in love with the people and the city.  I followed my heart.

During my last visit, I met a woman in the milongas who rented rooms in her apartment to tango tourists.  I arranged to rent a tiny room with bath — sight unseen.  That apartment was my home for six months while adapting to a new lifestyle where there was help when I needed it.

Then I moved to another neighborhood where I rented a two-bedroom furnished apartment on a month-to-month basis and no contract with the owners in the same building.  Those were the days when the peso was equal to the dollar.  I was really on my own.   I stayed in that apartment for two years.

I was three blocks from Lo de Celia, so when I decided to find a smaller apartment, I didn’t want to move very far.  A friend of a friend had a two-room unfurnished apartment for rent, only ten blocks from Lo de Celia.  I went to see it and made the deposit.  My boyfriend signed as the guarantee on the contract.  The rent was very low to what I paid for the other place because of the devaluation of the peso in 2002. I began attending weekend house sales and buying all the furnishings I needed.


After three years of renting, the owner decided she wanted to sell her apartment.  I had the option of finding a new place or buying it.  I decided to stay.  I had money from my mother’s estate that was exactly enough to buy the apartment.  The closing took place in a few weeks. The owner resided in New Jersey, and I wired the money to her account.

The first property I’ve owned in my life is in the city of Buenos Aires.



One Response to “Buenos Aires is a great city for retirement”

  1. Felicity Says:

    I have really been enjoying your “retirement” posts. It is nice to hear your story.

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