Buenos Aires is a great city for retirement


Blue skies / Smiling at me / Nothing but blue skies / Do I see

Irving Berlin

The lyrics of this song come to mind every time I see a sunny day.  And that happens often.  Blue skies and sunny days are pretty much the standard for Buenos Aires.  I’m so glad I no longer have to endure the cold and snow of Chicago winters.  I have my long wool coat from Chicago, but I hardly use it.  Snow is extremely rare in Buenos Aires.  Some flurries dusted the streets on July 9, 2007, but they didn’t last long.

I took this photo during July, the coldest month, while they were setting up chairs for  an outdoor concert on Dia del Bandoneon.

I’m happy living in Buenos Aires where the temperature never goes below freezing.



One Response to “Buenos Aires is a great city for retirement”

  1. tangobob Says:

    I remember that “snow” looked more like sleet to me, but the locals were all in raptures.

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