Buenos Aires is a great city for retirement



The city has a great transportation system of buses that operates 24-hours a day, seven days a week.   I walk more than I take the bus.  A ride is 3.25 – 3.50 pesos — about 30 cents!  All you need is a map and a SUBE card.

I took this photo during the busiest time of the afternoon when people were heading home from work.  As you can see, there was no one else on the bus.  I got off  in front of the Jardin Botanico and Zoo in Palermo, on my way to the Paseo de Rosedal for a walk.

I’m so happy living in this great city without a car.



5 Responses to “Buenos Aires is a great city for retirement”

  1. tangobob Says:

    I am often asked if I hire a car here. I always say, “you would have to be mad” quite apart from the mad traffic, you can get anywhere in the city for the equivalent of 25pence.

  2. lina Says:

    How much do you need monthly in us dollars to live decently in Buenos Aires. Nothing extravagant, just the necessities and tango.

  3. jantango Says:

    For several years, I’ve lived on $500 a month which is part of my social security benefit. I obtain the money here in pesos through a money transfer from my US bank account to a transfer agent in Buenos Aires that offers a higher exchange rate than Argentine banks. I was withdrawing money with a debit card until I discovered there was a better way.

    I own an apartment, so I don’t have the expense of renting a temporary furnished apartment which runs $700+ a month.

  4. lina Says:

    If you want to stay permanently, as I do, when you retire you start out with a pensioners visa. After three years , you can apply for permanent residency. While you hold a pensioners visa, there are income requirements. Right now, it is 2200.00 if you are from the states. It has to be deposited into an Argentine bank account. There are many other steps required for a pensioners visa. Info is all on line.

  5. jantango Says:


    The process takes three years to go from temporary to permanent residency. There is no “pensioner”s visa,” but being retired with a pension qualifies a person to apply for temporary residency in Argentina. There is a forum with information on the subject at: http://baexpats.org/topic/29534-immigration-for-dummies/page__st__70 Start reading from page 8 for the latest information. The income requirement is not set for pensioners, although anyone from the USA receiving the minimum benefits would qualify when dollars are converted to pesos.

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