I had no sooner sat down in my seat in Lo de Celia when Mario (86) greeted me with a kiss on the cheek as always and then asked me to dance to Troilo.  He knows so much about tango and likes to sing while he dances.  His embrace feels like that a younger man.  He asks, don’t we make a handsome couple?

Mario Hector Camartino

Jorge (80) invited me for the next tanda of milongas by Orquesta Tipica Victor and Lucio Demare.  In my opinion, he is the smoothest and the best when it comes to milonga con traspie.  I manage to keep up with him.  Sometimes I’m out of breath, but he isn’t.

Ernesto Jorge De Gouvea

I looked to Anibal (82) for the next tanda, although I don’t usually dance three in a row.  I don’t remember the orquesta, but I do remember the feeling in his embrace and the simplicity of his tango.

Anibal Serena

These octogenarian milongueros are young at heart because of the tango and all the years they’ve logged in the milongas.  I’m grateful for every opportunity to dance with them.




One Response to “Octogenarians”

  1. Guy McCrea Says:

    Hi Janis, great post, I hope to have the chance to dance Tango and play Tango music till I reach their age, best regards
    Guy McCrea

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