More men than women

There are usually more women than men at the milongas, and that isn’t only the case in Buenos Aires.  However, the other day there were more men than women at Lo de Celia.  It was a cool day with heavy rain at 6:00 (the same time as the silent march from Congress to Plaza de Mayo only ten blocks away).

The dance floor is always full by the time I arrive around 7:00.  The few couples dancing was a good sign of a smaller crowd that day.

It doesn’t really matter to me the number of men; only that I have  a few with whom I like to dance.  That was the case on Wednesday.  With fewer women, the men were prompt with a cabeceo when the tandas began.

Men were looking in my direction, but they gazed upon the women at the next table.  One of them was the co-owner of Plaza Bohemia Tango, Milva Bernardi.  I admire her dancing.  It was a pleasure to see her dancing on an open floor.  She is one of very few teachers who remains faithful to the tango of the milongas and milongueros.  I was happy that she could get away from work and family responsibilities for some tandas with the milongueros at Lo de Celia.

Gérard pointed out the imbalance in partners to me between dances, and then added: Lo de Celia is the best milonga in Buenos Aires for the level of dancing and music.  I agree.


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