Alberto Abunader

January 13, 1935 —


When Isabel told me that he turned 80 two weeks ago, I wanted a photo of Alberto.


He wanted another photo with Isabel and Alicia.


Alberto’s surname is Lebanese-Arabic.  Abu means son of the wind, and nader means intangible.

Felisa and I enjoyed watching him dance salsa so much that we applauded. Oh, how he feels the music and lets his body move.



2 Responses to “Alberto Abunader”

  1. Salah Says:

    Your translation of his name is wrong. I know exactly what it means because I speak Lebanese-Arabic as my native language. Please correct your post. “Abu” means “father of”; “Nader” means “Rare” or “Uncommon”

  2. jantango Says:

    That was Alberto’s understanding of his surname. Thank you for the correction. I will tell Alberto.

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