Two milongueros

Francisco Gysel in Lo de Celia - photo by Jantango

Last Sunday I heard the news from Adriana that Francisco Gysel (73) had a stroke and was in the hospital in Palermo.  I tried to visit him yesterday, but there was no one on duty with any information.  Today I called the woman with whom he taught for several years to ask how he is doing.

Update 1/3/2015: I went to the hospital yesterday and learned that Francisco had been released on Tuesday.

Luis Abulafia

Last night at Milonga JL in La Nacional I heard about a milonguero named Luis collapsing on Thursday night in Club Gricel.  It finally dawned on me today that it might be Luis Abulafia (73).  Since I have his home phone number, I called several times until his son answered.  He confirmed that Luis had a heart attack at the milonga.  He’s in the hospital, doing well, and awaiting surgery.

Update 1/6/2015:  Luis underwent bypass surgery and is in recovery.


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