Milonga review: Nuevo Chique

This is an afternoon favorite of newcomers who enjoy the friendly atmosphere on Tuesday and Thursday.  The milonga is held in the first floor salòn of Casa de Galicia on San Jose 224 in Montserrat.  I attended today for more than two hours.

Floor:  It’s wooden and repaired.  My heel tip brushed a rough edge once.

Sound system:  There are two speakers at one end of the rectangular floor providing enough volume to the entire salon.  I sat at the other end of the salon.

DJ:  The best in Buenos Aires — Daniel Borelli.  He included a lovely tanda of Julio De Caro for Dia del Tango.

Entrada: 40 pesos  Bottled water: 20 pesos

Seating:  They designated the left side of the dance floor for women and the right side for men.  The far end tables are for couples.  I was told to find a table myself during the Cortina.

Dancers:  Locals range in age from 60-80 years.  Many foreign women  attended.  The level of dancing is average.   Four men approached my table to invite me to dance; I refused them since I’d not seen their dancing and prefer an invitation by cabeceo.

Waitress:  Vicki had bottled water ready for me before I ordered it.

I did a random survey during the Pugliese and De Angeles tandas to see if there were more women dancing with their eyes closed or open.  The results: more women danced with their eyes open.


2 Responses to “Milonga review: Nuevo Chique”

  1. Felicity Says:

    It is great to read these reviews and news. I’m curious to know whether the approachers were foreign men or if local men also do this.

  2. jantango Says:

    One of the four men invited me verbally in English, so he was definitely a foreigner. I assume the others are Argentine. The moment I entered the salon a man approached asking if I speak French. It took me a few seconds to understand him since I’m not accustomed to an Argentine speaking to me in French. I danced only three tandas, and all of them with my friend John from England.

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