A special reunion


My first tango teacher was Jorge Bartolucci, an Argentine living in Mexico City.  He and his wife Monna spent the school year 1991-92 at the University of Chicago during their sabbatical from the University of Mexico.  I heard about their group classes at a Chicago dance studio and scheduled weekly private classes with them.  I was hungry to learn all I could about the dance and the music.  We attended the Stanford Tango Week together in July 1993, and they encouraged me to begin teaching tango.

I added tango to my teaching schedule in September 1993 and formed the Chicago Argentine Tango Society.  A few months later, Barry Jones from England was in town on business and heard about my classes.  His guidance was invaluable to me and the men in the class.  Barry encouraged me to go to Buenos Aires and dance in the milongas.

That’s the short version about my tango journey that continues in Buenos Aires.  Jorge and Barry were instrumental in my development as a tango dancer and tango teacher.

You can imagine my surprise when both of them were present at Lo de Celia on Sunday.  Both came to Buenos Aires this month on vacation.  They met each other in Chicago over 20 years ago.  The three of us were together again without any communication.  I was in awe for hours.


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