Desperate milongueras


There are many women who assume that any man who approaches is coming to dance with them, which is often not the case.  Some are very successful in tanda interception.

A newcomer at Lo de Celia assumed that Juan invited her and quickly entered the floor.  He told her otherwise, but she tried to convince him to dance the tanda with her, while the intended partner waited patiently nearby.  Eventually, she left the floor, and the other woman danced the tanda with Juan.  He invited her later.

Another desperate milonguera  has no patience, but then that’s why she is desperate.  She initiates the cabeceo when any man looks her way and isn’t always successful.  I’m surprised her neck isn’t broken. After twelve years in the milongas, she doesn’t know that the men are the ones who do the inviting.


4 Responses to “Desperate milongueras”

  1. Practica El Beso Says:

    Very interesting topic and I am sure all of us have some really interesting stories to share!

  2. Thomas Kröter Says:

    Fortunately in germany, or lets say: in berlin, where i live, its not always the men, who do the inviting. Ok, we listen to the music, mostly from the 30s & 40s, but who tells us that we have to behave like our grandparents and great-grandparents? Isn’t it caressing the male ego when women do invite us? Or are we so timid, that it doesn’t happen? In that case, we would be really desperate milongueros!

  3. jantango Says:

    Gentlemen inviting ladies to dance is a long-standing tradition that is probably still respected at the annual Viennese Ball, as one example.

    The cabeceo is also a tradition since the 1940s in Buenos Aires. Is that tradition changing? Yes. Do the older men like being invited by the women? No.

    I NEVER ask a man to dance with me nor even hint to one that I’d like to dance with him. He has to figure that out for himself.

  4. Patricia Says:

    I completely agree with you, Janis.
    Why would a woman want to dance with a man who doesn’t really want to dance with her? What if the music doesn’t inspire him? What a meaningless tanda that would be!
    It seems we have observed a similar phenomenon here in Australia, although in many cases it is due to inexperience with the cabeceo. My partner, Bob, recently wrote a post about this entitled: Partner poaching.

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