Milonga review: Milonga de Los Consagrados (update)

It’s held in the ballroom of Centro Region Leonesa that seats about 350.

The salon has air-conditioning units and many ceiling fans for comfort. Hours are 16,30-23,00.  I went last Saturday.

Deejay: Daniel Borelli consistently provides the best music in Buenos Aires.  It’s worth attending just to hear Dany’s music.

Floor: Perfect surface. Large rectangular floor allows for two lanes with room in the center.

Sound system: Four speakers hang over the dance floor.

Seating:  Women are in two rows of tables on the left side of the room; men are in two rows of tables on the right side.  Couples sit at tables in front of the stage.  I noticed that most of the women were foreign with very few locals.  That’s exactly how the local men like it.

The club replaced some of the antique Thonet chairs with cushioned ones which are more comfortable.  Try to get one of them if you plan to stay several hours.

Entrada: 60 pesos (August 2015).

Waitress:  Very attentive, considering the large crowd she served for hours.


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