Between dances

I’ve posted what to do and not do between dances when many engage in conversation on the dance floor.  What if you are dancing with an Argentine and you don’t speak the language?

Many foreigners come to Buenos Aires to dance in the milongas, especially at this time of the year.  I know a few dancers who didn’t speak a word of Spanish when they arrived, but somehow managed to communicate a little and then gradually learned to recognize words and phrases.


What do you do between dances when you don’t speak the language?  Relax and smile.  There is no obligation to talk between dances with your partner.  Focus on the music.  You don’t have to feel awkward or embarrassed.  I know the language and try to remain silent between dances because the music continues.


You’ll get back to dancing with your partner soon enough.  When you’re present in the moment, you’ll communicate without words.  Your partner will feel what you feel in the music.  That’s all that matters.  Be authentic.

Learn words by listening to conversations.  Practice them yourself and gain confidence that you can learn the language.  Read your dance partner’s face and get an idea of what he/she is saying through body language.

You are in Buenos Aires to dance and to enjoy the music with porteños who love tango so much. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t know Castellano.  It may surprise you how many local dancers in the milongas speak English!



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  1. lewiskatz2014 Says:

    this was a very good one. Greetings from Tel Aviv. L >

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