Tango greats along Corrientes

Graffiti and post-it note advertising are prevalent in Buenos Aires, especially in the city center.  Walk along any street and you’ll see how graffiti artists (I use that term loosely) have damaged almost every building with spray paint.   The other eyesore is the abundance of small post-it notes glued to any place they will stick.  They’re difficult to remove.  I stood by while a young man stuck several to a light post, and then I promptly removed them before the glue dried.  When I walked away, he returned to the same place to do his job.  The city has a work force dedicated to the removal of any advertising fliers on city property.


There is a movement to create more public art, and it’s giving the city a needed facelift after a rundown look for years.  Cris Bucciarelli is one of those artists dedicated to giving Avenida Corrientes (“the street that never sleeps”) touch-ups here and there.  She has transformed old electrical boxes into works that feature celebrated artists of tango.  Here are two examples of her work.


Hours of work removing layers of advertising on the metal boxes was the first step.  It’s truly a labor of love to improve the aesthetics of a great city.

One Response to “Tango greats along Corrientes”

  1. Practica El Beso Says:

    Great initiative!

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