Milonga review: Matinée de los Lunes

DSCN6391 Monday was a holiday and the organizer’s birthday.  Obelisco Tango was full by the time I arrived at 19:30 hs. to meet a friend from the USA.  I decided to wait until the end of the tanda to get seated and quickly spotted her on the dance floor.  In the meantime, the organizer/deejay Gabriela Laddaga welcomed me to her milonga.  This was only the second time I’ve been to Obelisco Tango.  My first review was in July 2013.  During the cortina, we moved to an empty table at the edge of the dance floor.  My friend danced almost every tanda because so many of the men know her from other milongas. The sound system was better than I remembered it.  I don’t know if there are new or more speakers or if our table location made a difference.  Gabriela’s tandas were excellent as always, and the volume wasn’t overwhelming.  She hosts the milonga and manages the deejay booth.  Each job is a lot to handle.  That’s why two previous tandas started to repeat after the Cortina; the music was quickly changed.  Dancers who paid attention to the music knew that they heard a few seconds of D’Arienzo and Troilo tangos they had just danced. DSCN6393 The biggest improvement in Obelisco Tango is the floor.  The photo shows the laminated flooring that still exists around the new dance area with parquet.  I rate it as one of the best floors in Buenos Aires.  It’s perfectly smooth and level without any seams. We were dying of thirst and waited two hours for our waitress.  I mentioned this to Gabriela at the end of the milonga.  She has to know such things since management hires the wait staff for the milongas.  I’m used to having a bottle of water at my table when I finish the first tanda or sooner at Lo de Celia without having to order it.  This was the worst service I’ve had in any milonga. The listing on Hoy Milonga has the hours from 16 hs to 2 hs, however, La Cumparsita announced the end of the milonga on Monday at 22:30 hs. I didn’t see many familiar faces, so I didn’t expect to dance.  Then my friend told me who was there — Tito Ortega — and I knew he would invite me.  Lucky me, I had four tandas with not only the best dancer at this milonga, but one of the best milongueros viejos in Buenos Aires.  I could dance all night with Tito and enjoy every minute.  The frosting on the cake was seeing Nestor La Vitola dancing with Pina when the floor cleared during the last half hour.

Entrada: 50 pesos  Bottled water: 22 pesos.

Gabriela Laddaga moved her milonga to Centro Region Leonesa in July 2015.


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