Her first pair of tango shoes

Tango shoes from Juan Perez Feria Americana in BA

Nisha wrote me weeks before her arrival in Buenos Aires.  She was coming for only a few days and wanted to learn tango.  I let her know she could find me at Lo de Celia on Wednesday.

I noticed a young woman dancing the salsa tanda with Roberto Segarra, but it didn’t occur to me she was Nisha from Mumbai.  A while later a milonguera who knows me as Pichi came to ask me about someone named Janis.  And that’s when Nisha and I finally met.  Nisha works for the Consulate of Spain in Mumbai, and she has no problem with the language.

Nisha wanted to take a class, but she didn’t have tango shoes.  I told her I’d take her the next day to buy a pair.  Nisha heard about Comme il faut shoes.  I suggested we meet first at a Feria Americana to see if they had shoes in her size.  I arrived early and decided to check the shoe rack for a pair in her size, and I found one pair.  When Nisha arrived, she tried them on and said they were perfect.  The price — 250 pesos.  We were only three blocks from Comme il faut, so we went for a visit.  Nisha tried several pairs and took her first steps in high heels.  The used pair was more comfortable than the Comme il faut shoes at 1,500 pesos a pair.  Mission accomplished.

We took the bus back to my apartment and bought some empanadas for lunch along the way.  We talked about the codes and customs of the milongas before the class.  Since Nisha has never worn high heels, I began with exercises to strengthen her feet for dancing.  She had only four tango classes in Mumbai without the essential equipment for tango.  Walking in high heels is different.  Her posture changed, and she started walking to the music.  Nisha knows she has to strengthen her feet and practice walking in high heels on her own before she can dance with a partner.

Two days later, we met at Milonga de los Consagrados to watch the dancing, listen to Dany’s great tandas, and talk more about the codes and customs.  It was her last day in Buenos Aires.


One Response to “Her first pair of tango shoes”

  1. Mikhail Says:

    I heard the conversation in the dance shoes shop several days ago.
    Athletic and good looking woman of about 40 years old asked the seller to show her the shoes for tango. The seller offered her a lovely pair of italian brand. And then I heard the words that surprised me very much:
    “I can’t buy these shoes. They are very nice, but I’m no longer in the age when someone dances on the heels of 8 centimeters.”

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