A milonga shuffling

Over the past week, I’ve heard about the closure of three milonga venues.  That may not seem like much when you consider there are dozens in Buenos Aires.  But nevertheless, it impacts many organizers and dancers.

Months ago I heard the rumor that Boedo Tango would be closing permanently.  But when a new milonga opened there in June, it seemed that business was as usual.  The organizers who rented the space ran two milongas of their own, and sublet the salon to other organizers.  The salon is in the hands of the property owners Carrefour.  That meant that Julia Joynel had to find a new venue for Sueño Porteño on Wednesday and Sunday.  She found a new home at Centro Region Leonesa on Wednesday and Club Gricel on Sunday.  Both are more ideal venues for her milongas for her loyal following.

The current issue of B.A. Tango magazine has an article about the closure of Salon El Pial in Flores.  After the club invested in a complete renovation of the building and salon, city inspectors discovered many violations and imposed fines.  Eventually, the club was able to remedy the situation and paid the fines, so they’re back in business this month.

I heard last night that city inspectors closed Club Oeste in Caballito where Norma ran the Friday milonga, and Dorita ran the Sunday milonga.  Norma joined forces with another organizer at Obelisco Tango on Sunday, but Dorita has to find another venue.

The city inspectors are doing their job.  Unfortunately, that sometimes results in milonga closures.  I’d rather go to a venue that is safe, than one with safety violations.  We all remember the tragic fire at a club that brought about inspections.



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